Personal Chef Dinner Party

Hosting a party at home?  Hire a chef and enjoy your time with friends and delicious food freshly prepared at your place.


Lifestyle, Wellness Coaching Services

15-Minute Skype or Phone Session - FREE

This is a “get to know you” session.  As a client, this is a great opportunity for you to find out how coaching works, and what my coaching style is.  It also gives me the opportunity to learn more about what your coaching needs and expectations are.  It is essential that we get an idea of how we communicate and if we are a good fit to work together before we dive into a collaborative relationship. 


Your Life, My Passion Packages

Dream Discovery - $90

This is a single-60 minute detailed well-being assessment session. It helps you to point to the areas in life that has been impacting you and where you can make changes. 

Life Balance Builders - $440

Six, 60-minute session lifestyle builder. It includes one assessment session. We discuss your life objectives, strategies to return or ignite the meaning of your purposeful lifestyle. In subsequent sessions, we evaluate progress and establish strategies.

Wellness & Mindful Eating - $440

Six, 60-minute sessions on mindfulness and eating habits.  It includes one assessment session. We focus on ways to improve or increase your self-awareness on mindful eating, choice and actions.