"Jing" Commitment

  • Wholesome Foods

  • Seasonal, Fresh Ingredients

  • Combined, Local Farm Produce

  • Non-GMO

  • Sustainable Sources

"Jing" Style

  • Asian Fusion

  • Refreshing

  • Colorful

  • Nutritious

  • Delectable


Add some "Jing" to your next party or event...

Hosting a small party at home?  Grace can free up your time so you can enjoy a fun, tasty evening with your guests!  Grace strives for excellent quality and personal service.  Each dish packs with balanced nutrients, color, aroma, taste, texture, and presentation. She specializes in Asian Cuisine and will plan a personalized tasting menu to accommodate your food preferences, dietary needs, and budget. Dishes will be masterfully prepared with local, farm fresh, seasonal, and wholesome ingredients. After the meal, your kitchen will be left spotless.

Prefer full service? You have the option to add a professional server and after-party cleanup.

*Please send notice 2-3 weeks in advance. Allow 5-6 weeks for group sizes of over 20.

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See what others are saying about "Jing"

“Thank you. The food was excellent. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was all gone really fast. Nothing left over. All great comments about the food. I definitely will recommend you for any future banquet events. Thanks for your great food and made our banquet very enjoyable.” (Teresa – Bryn Mawr, PA)

“Jing by Grace explores the impeccable beauty and savory delicacies of Asian food. The authentic cuisine is a never-to-be-forgotten culinary experience. Trust me, this is the finest in Asian cuisine." (Carol – Bryn Mawr, PA)