Mindfulness, Life Balance, Wellness Coaching



Are you entering a new milestone in your life and you would like to set some new life goals for yourself? Grace works with stay home parent, empty nester and retiree.

Grace also works with young adults who wanted career coaching, and wellness eating.

You may already posses answers to these questions but need some clarity, and accountability. Take charge of your health, life and wellness. I can help you recognize the positive aspects you already have.

Let’s collaborate the unique portfolio of you!



The process of growth is different for each person, but the program will have the following general structure:

  • Explore Dreams & Goals - Let's take a leap and discover your dream of lifestyle from a different angle

  • Set Goals & Integrate Realistic Steps - We identify and uncover your inner strength

  • Cultivate Alternatives - We explore strategies so there are alternative choices you can practice

  • Review Progress -

  • Manage Sustainability - Gain the confidence to manage and sustain the new habits that you have established.

Packages & Pricing

15-Minute Orientation Session - Free

This is a good opportunity to get an idea of how coaching works, and if we’re a good match to work together before we moving forward to a more co-active and collaboration relationship.

Dream Explorer - $90

This is a single-60 minute well-being session. This assessment session helps you to point to the areas in life that has been impacting you and where you can make changes. 

Life Balance or Career Builders - $400

Six, 60-minute session lifestyle builder. It includes one assessment session. We discuss your life objectives or ignite the meaning of your purposeful lifestyle or development. In subsequent sessions, we focus areas to create action steps, evaluate progress and establish consistent new habit change.

Wellness & Mindful Eating - $400

Six, 60-minute sessions on mindfulness and eating habits.  It includes one assessment session. We focus on ways to improve or increase your self-awareness on mindful eating, choice and actions.

*All sessions can be done by phone, skype, or in-person

Office Location


100 Four Falls, Suite 312
West Conshohocken, PA 19428

email: jingbygrace13@gmail.com