“The Happy Vibrant Mother”… My passion

I work with working mothers with young kids or babies. I understand the Mommy Stress who deals with the insane tasks, demands and responsibilities for everyone and everything except FOR YOURSELF. When was the last time you go to bed early or had a good night sleep? Did you get to meet up with friends, have couples night, or do something for yourself? What is your stress relief?

Was there always “something to do” or making an excuse that could not allow you to pamper yourself?

The coaching partnership contains twofolds: I help you create your vision, guide you with skills, tools and knowledge while you focus on step by step making changes and learnings as we soar through situational challenges.

My passion is teaching and sharing my knowledge and own experience to help you return to your happy Vibrant you that you deserve.

Take charge of your health, life, happiness, and wellness. I listen to your needs and aim to empower you to get out of the comfort zone and achieve your happiness.

Take a leap of faith, be true to yourself.



“Grace was a pleasure to work with. Her supportive nature and coaching expertise has given me the opportunity to make new and exciting changes in my life that I never could have imagined. I look forward to working with her again in the future." 

— Jennifer.S.


"Grace brings both head and heart to her coaching. She listens very carefully and pinpoints the essential message with great accuracy. I loved working with her because I could tell how much she cares."  

— M.G.


"Grace listened deeply and compassionately to my concerns about making changes to improve my well-being.  Through her warm, gentle nature, she supported me in fully exploring why the changes were so important for my life.  She helped me see the ways I was capable of creating positive change.  I am grateful for her mindful partnership and loving spirit."

— A.C.

My coaching program and personal attention help you to reach your optimal health, work-life balance or wellness living. As partners, we map out a plan that tailors to meet your individual situation.

Instead of feeling lost or frustrated, I teach and support you how to adjust to strengthen resilience so you reach your desires and goals you wanted. The following is a general structure to support your accountability:

  • Explore Dreams & Goals

  • Set Goals & Integrate Realistic Steps

  • Cultivate Alternatives

  • Review Progress

  • Manage Sustainability

Session Offers

15-Minute Orientation Session - Free

This is a good opportunity for you to get an idea of how my coaching works and if we’re a good match to work together before we moving forward to a more co-active and collaboration relationship. I offer customized nutrition cooking consulting service, and coaching mother back to a happy vibrant woman. Schedule your free consultation and find out more in details:

  • kitchen organization/essentials

  • cooking skills and plans

  • lifestyle and health

  • mindful habits change

  • session & packages

*All sessions can be done in-person, by phone, or video conference.

Questions? Feel free to fill out the inquiry form or contact me at jingbygrace13@gmail.com