"Jing" Consulting Style

  • Wholesome Ingredients

  • Simple Easy Preparation, Time-saving skills

  • Create Colorful Balanced Plates

  • Nutritious Seasonal Choice & Substitutions

  • Kitchen Organization or Makeover



“Thank you. The food was excellent. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was all gone really fast. Nothing left over. All great comments about the food. I definitely will recommend you for any future banquet events. Thanks for your great food and made our banquet very enjoyable.”

Teresa – Bryn Mawr, PA

“Jing by Grace explores the impeccable beauty and savory delicacies of Asian food. The authentic cuisine is a never-to-be-forgotten culinary experience. Trust me, this is the finest in Asian cuisine."

Carol – Bryn Mawr, PA


Add some "Jing" to your home, health or gathering...

Do you want to cook healthier and need some guidance to start? I educate and provide you skills and knowledge where you needed support. I listen and allow you to determine what your realistic goals and steps are. My coaching and your accountability will make a great teamwork for new habits and changes to happen.

Are you hosting a small party at home and feel a bit overwhelmed? I help you relieve that stress so you can enjoy a fun evening with your guests!  I provide you skills from shopping, prepping strategies, to food timing or creating a balanced menus.

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