Grace's Personal Chef Catering

The meal begins with quality ingredients ... 

Ingredients selection:  Organic farm fresh produce, meat and poultry (when available), various use of fresh or dried herbs or spices, unique Chinese or other Asian ingredients, environmentally-safe seafood.  There is absolutely no processed or chemically-boxed products used in any of the dishes.   

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Personal chef catering service: I prepare the meal and cater small group gatherings (max. 30 guests) in your home. 

Gathering examples include: ladies night, birthdays, holiday parties, graduation, anniversary or simply a night with friends or a night to relax and enjoy a nice dinner at home.

Seasonal Menus:  Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  

My passion is to deliver a healthy, delicious Asian style food that leaves you feeling satisfied, well-nourished, and vibrant.  A festive feast for you and your guests to enjoy and celebrate. 

Upon request, I can serve certain dishes for special dietary needs: GF, low sodium, vegetarian.


Seasonal DISHES

My dishes dance with nutrients, color, aroma, taste, texture, and presentation. If you enjoy healthy and delicious food, I welcome you to check out my seasonal menus.  Contact me for your next home catered event.