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About Jing:

Restoring Essence & Youthful Life

In Taoist tradition, there is a "Three Treasures" that effectively constitute the health of one’s life. They are known as Jing (Essence)Chi (Vitality), and Shen (Spirit).

Jing is our physical body, cellular density, energy stores, our reproductive potential, our core DNA. 

Chi is the flowing force, or the electric currents, that drive our metabolism of food into energy, and the use of that energy. 

Shen is our spirit and the realm of the heart. It is the connection to our higher selves, and to our spirituality, however, we define that for ourselves.

To lead a long healthy life, one must continuous an abundance of Jing to replenish the body.  Jing governs the strength of our structural frame, hair, nails, our healing powers, our reproductive functions and potential, our ability to handle stress, adversity, overwork, illness and the many other challenges that we face in our lives.

One must build up our foundational energy reserves of Jing “Yang” energies: the zest, the flow, the strength and the vitality that align body and mind.  It also has the calmness and soothing qualities to restoring the spirit side of “Yin” energies.

My “Work” Mission: East Meets West

Jing philosophy has taught me to strive balance and strength for my body, mind and spirit. And I want to share this passion and mission in both of my work: health & wellness coach and personal chef services. 

Hi, I am Grace Hau.

As a coach, I help working parents especially new moms to adjust the new life of handling extra roles and responsibilities. I guide you on nutritional choices and substitutions, cooking skills and concepts, body awareness, and green living. I value each individual integrity, personal vision and my partnership empowers clients to gain insights, vision and discovery. I believe in personalized health plan, active learnings, and manageable goals. My curiosity and persistent restorative personality guide you to find your vibrant life! It all starts here. I look forward to working alongside with you.

As a private chef, I provide personalized dishes for your in-home dinner parties (<20 people). You can order the dishes to be delivered or cooked fresh at your place. Dinner menus emphasize the Jing essence: Yin/Yang balance, seasonal, green, and wholesome.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve many wonderful people already, with whom I enjoy sharing my experience, passion and knowledge. Feel free to fill out the inquiry form or email me.

Mastering others is Strength,
Mastering yourself is True Power
— Lao Tzu

Revitalize & Balance

Cooking Coach & Consultant

Do you want to reduce eating out or buying pre-made food? Are you worry that you or your family are not eating healthy? Do you want to make simple and easy cooking? How about strategies in planning or organizing better for your kitchen so you are more ready to prepare a meal?

I help busy mother/parent who wants to eat healthier and can cook quick healthy delicious meals. I support you with cooking skills, repurposing, handy staple items, and storage strategies.

I am passionate to learn your challenges so we can partner together to set goals and make adjustments. As a result, you are comfortable in the kitchen, feel confident and have fun and joy doing it.

Health & Wellness Coach

Are you spending most of the time and energy in your work, family, childcare and find no spare time for yourself or do something you used to enjoy doing? Do you want to cultivate more time with your significant others? Do you have enough rest or sleep?

I help working woman find life balance and happiness. I guide you ways to destress that has impacted your health and well being.

In this trusted coaching partnership, I strive to guide you to discover your vision of health, map out the possibility of changes with accountability and sustainability throughout your journey with me and after. At the end, you can reach your optimal Jing lifestyle feeling happier, energized and fulfilling.