Nutrition Cooking Consultant, Mindful Health & Wellness Coach Service


My “Jing” Mission

Hi, I am Grace Hau. I help women to restore inner body strength, lifestyle self care and incorporate habit change. I firmly believe in proactive approach, utilize holistic and make appropriate personal lifestyle modifications. Each stage of our life has different needs, I support mothers who stayed home or working that are juggling with many roles, and new responsibilities. I guide women to regain their life balance so they can feel energize, calm, and happy. I coach healthy cooking, mindful awareness, and stress management. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people already, with whom I enjoy sharing my knowledge as I coach them along the way to reach their happiness, health and meaningful life.

Jing is a Chinese word symbolizing the essence of energies: zest, flow, strength and vitality that align body and mind.  It also has calming and soothing qualities which support restoring the spirit. This Eastern philosophy gave me a strong belief of the balance between Yin (calm) and Yang (energy) in physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Jing has taught me to strive fully and I want to share this passion and mission in my work.  I combine my culinary skills, mindfulness practices and coaching expertise to empower you in revamping your barriers to bolster healthier habits. I have the curiosity and persistent restorative personality to support you to find your vibrant life through nutritious cooking, mind-body balance, and long term strategies that improve your health and vitality.  

Take charge of your well being. I am passionate to rediscover your unique best.

To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.
— William Hoden

Revitalize & Balance

Cooking Coach & Consultant

Do you want to make more healthy, fresh and simple cooking for you and your family?

Are you hosting a small dinner gathering and like some consulting on healthy and delicious dinner menus, shopping guide, food pairings or organization skills?

If you are looking to change health, improve skills or need basic tips, I help you learn the knowledge and strategies, gain confidence in the kitchen, change cooking habits or provide you with simple guidance.

Health & Wellness Coach

Are you at the stage where you are entering the stage to retire, downsizing, empty nest and feeling a bit out of focus?

I work with parents especially stay at home mothers or soon to retire working women to overcome stress or life focus so you can be happier, energize and feel fulfilling.

In this trusted partnership, I strive to help you gain self awareness, accountability and sustainability through your journey with me and after. At the end, you can reach your optimal Jing lifestyle and wellness.