Step on the Pathway to Your Vibrant Life

Providing Cooking, Consulting & Coaching Services bringing Balance, Energy and Vitality to your Life


My “Jing” Passion

Jing is a Chinese word symbolizing the essence of energies: zest, flow and vitality that align body and mind.  It also has calming and soothing qualities which support the spirit. This Eastern philosophy gave me a strong sense of how the Yin (calm) and the Yang (energy) create a balancing life even when I experience changes or in transitions.

Jing” has taught me to strive fully and I want to share this passion and mission in my work.  I combine my culinary skills, mindfulness practices and coaching expertise to empower you in revamping your barriers to bolster healthier habits. I have the curiosity and persistent restorative personality to support you to find your best life balance and health vitality.  


Revitalize & Balance


Cooking Consultant & Coach

Do you want to make more healthy, fresh and simple cooking for you and your family? Do you want to reduce your kitchen time and learn more organizational skills?

Are you hosting a small dinner gathering and like some consulting on dinner menus, shopping guide, food pairings or organization skills?

If you are looking to change health, improve skills or need some basic tips, I can help you learn the knowledge and strategies, gain confidence in the kitchen, change cooking habits or provide you some simple guidance in cooking.

Life & Wellness Coach

Are you experiencing life event or changes of roles that has affected your well-being? Are you the busy moms that take care of everything and everyone else but yourself?

As a Health & Wellness Coach, I empower women to thrive for life balance and self care so you can gain back your happiness.

In this trusted partnership, I strive to help you gain self awareness, accountability and sustainability through your journey with me and after. I guide you to envision your life and health. I provide tools and evidenced-base resources to support your needs. At the end, you can reach your goals towards your version of Jing life and wellness.