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Jing by Grace

Providing Cooking, Consulting & Coaching Services bringing Balance, Energy and Vitality to your Life



Asian Cooking & Consulting

Enjoy a relaxing tasty party at home!

As a personal chef, I prepare a wholesome nutritious dinner with an Asian flair for your party. You can enjoy a fun, stress-free evening with your guests!  I will plan a personalized menu to accommodate your food preferences, dietary needs, and budget.

If you prefer to prepare the meals, I can be your food consultant and show you tips on creating menus, shopping, and food pairings.

Life & Wellness Coaching

As a Health & Wellness Coach, I empower women to thrive and live at their best. I partner with individuals to work through life-changing events: change of roles, important decision-making situations, or adapting to new environments.

I also support individuals who want to change their habits to promote a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.

Revitalize & Balance


My “Jing” Passion

Jing is a Chinese word symbolizing the essence of energies: zest, flow and vitality that align body and mind.  It also has calming and soothing qualities which support the spirit. This Eastern philosophy gave me a strong sense of how to balance the Yin (calm) and the Yang (energy) to create a life live with purpose.

Jing” has taught me to strive fully and I want to share this passion and mission in my work.  I invite you to enjoy a delicious, nutritious balanced meal and the freedom to celebrate the special event with your friends and loved ones. I also have the curiosity and persistent restorative personality to support you to find your best life balance and health vitality.  


SEe some “Jing” Dishes